• Now you can watch the vocals' 'Studio Report' about the recordings of our debut album Wolves in the Battlefront at our Official YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Now you can hear a rough mix of one song from our first album: Feasting upon the Butchered. You can hear it at our Facebook page, and our Official YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!

  • Now, you can see the cover artwork for our upcoming first album at our Facebook page: Hope you like it!

  • Less than a month is left for the releasing date of our debut album: Wolves in the Battlefront. We are so proud to present you the titles of the song that will compose the album.

  • Today, we have the pleasure to present all of you, the single from our first album: Wolves in the Battlefront, that will be released next March, 15th.

  • We have the pleasure to announce that we'll be on concert next saturday, 29th June, at Haemorrhage Emetic Club, in Castellón (Spain), together with our friends in Pedernal y Acero! More information in the 'tour' seccion.

  • More than 3000 visits to our Forgotten by the Gods video: no words to describe how we feel, thanks a million, seriously, for your support, for the comments you send, for helping us... as we always say: without your support anything of this would possible: THANKS!

  • The selling point where you can buy our album Wolves in the Battlefront in Madrid has changed: now, you can find it in: Fenrir Metal Bar: C/Andrés Mellado, 29 (Bajos de Argüelles).

  • We announce that, our friends in Runic, won't be able to play their concert at Coin Rock Festival, so Vikingore will be replacing them, next Saturday, 2oth, together with our brothers in Eslavon and many more great bands!

  • As our friends in Bin Música announces this morning, we will be touring around some Spanish cities next autumn for showing all of you our Wolves in the Battlefront: some of those cities are Barcelona and Cádiz!!! In some days time, you'll get more news about the tour!!! Are you ready??